TETRA Co. has been involved in the projects for construction of oil and gas gathering stations, power plants, petrochemical plants to desalination plants.  Tetra Group has gained valuable insight and experience in providing the resources and expertise required to handle large projects. The Group has established itself well in Project Management, Contracting and Procurement of equipment and chemicals for Oil and Gas, Refinery, and water treatment plants.

TETRA Co. established in 2017 for a variety of electrical products and is the largest distributor of Power Control, Metering, Sub-station Equipment, Cables, Instrumentation, Electrical Equipment and Energy Management Systems.

TETRA Co. has achieved its present position because of its dual focus on Customer and Technology. TETRA has always strived to bring the best of the technologies to upgrade the quality of the local products.

TETRA Co. is present in almost all the segments including commercial, residential and industrial complexes, private construction and infrastructural projects.

At TETRAGROUPCO , we strive to satisfy our customers.